Zermatt Travel guide

Zermatt Travel guide

How to get to Zermatt

We flew from Amsterdam to Zurich airport, here there was a train station where you can take the train to Zermatt. The trains to Zurich leave every hour from Zurich airport and the trip takes 3 hours including one change of trains on your way to Zermatt. The prices for a single one-way ticket are around 114 euro’s and can be bought online or in the Zurich Airport station.

Where to stay

There are a few different areas you can stay in Zermatt, they differ a bit but are all lovely. You can stay in the main town which is where the train station is located when you come from Zurich and also to Gornergrat (which is known to be the most dreamy train ride). In this area you have restaurants, supermarkets, shops and everywhere is walking distance.

Matterhorn Focus
We then moved a little bit out of the main town to a more private feeling area but still close by enough to walk to town. Here we stayed at Matterhorn Focus which felt like the ultimate luxury getaway. They had the most beautiful views of the Matterhorn from our suite, stunning indoor/outdoor pool and spa area and they are located right next to the cable carts to the slopes.

Riffelhaus 1853
For a complete different experience we took the train to Gornergrat, got out at the Riffelhaus stop and stayed at Riffelhaus 1853 Hotel located in the middle of the slopes at an altitude of 2500m. This hotel has the best views, you can see the Matterhorn during your meals, from your room, the jacuzzi, basically anywhere you are while staying here. It felt like a secluded getaway as at night when all the skiers left to go back down it was completely quite and you could see the stars. I definitely recommend staying at least one night here.

For an once in a lifetime experience we decided to stay at Iglu-Dorf which is a igloo village made out of ice and snow. Here you are located at an altitude of 2727 meters on top of a hill. We took the train from Riffelhaus to direction of Gornergrat and got out at the Rotenboden station. From here it was a short walk to the village. You can either spend the night at Iglu-Dorf or you can stop for some drinks, cheese fondue or to take some pictures in Zermatt #homeofwinter Igloo with the most beautiful views. You can read about our entire experience here.

How to get around

In Zermatt town most locations are reachable by foot, we walked to quite a lot of places during our time there. Zermatt is a car free zone but there are electric taxi’s that take you around in town, you can find them especially at the train station or have your hotel call one. We used the train to Gornergrat to travel to some of the hotels we were staying in and this train is also used by skier’s to reach the slopes. Lastly, there are cable cars that bring you to the slopes and the highest point, Klein Matterhorn. You can buy package tickets to the slopes and train together online or at the station in the center, for more information click here.

What to do in Zermatt

Ski or hike

Zermatt is famous for it’s incredible slopes with magnificent mountain scenery and snow. In town you can shop for ski outfits and gear, buses take you to the cable lifts or take the train to the slopes. We did not go skiing during our time in Zermatt instead we went for a hike from Riffelhaus station. Hikes in Zermatt are beautiful all year around, I would definitely want to come back during spring to go on some long hikes.

Explore the town

Zermatt is super charming all year around, we came during winter which was extra special as looked like Christmas wonderland. There were lights, Christmas decoration, restaurants, shops and even ice sculptures in different parts of the town. I recommend going for walk at night and stopping for a drink at one of the restaurants or bars as well as visiting the Zermatt Museum during the day. The museum is located only a short walk from the train station, situated in the center of Zermatt and shows the history of the town. It’s 10 euro’s for an adult entrance ticket to the museum and opening times depend on the season, you can find the schedule here.

Stop at the viewpoint

One of the highlights of our trip was waking up early and walking up to the best viewpoint in Zermatt. From the center of Zermatt this was around a 10 minute walk and the last part was uphill with stairs. There were only a handful of people here when we arrived and the view was breathtaking. We saw the entire village from up here, it’s a great spot for photography during sunrise and sunset. We saw the sun come up and cover one side of the Matterhorn with stunning orange light.

Ride the Gornergrat railway

The Gornergrat railway is one of the most famous train rides in the world and I completely understand why! You can buy your train tickets at the station in the center and it departs every 20 minutes. There are various of stops you can get out, we stopped at two of them as these were stops for our accommodation. The views of the Matterhorn were incredible and I couldn’t stop staring and taking pictures. The entire train ride takes you 3,100 metres above sea level ending at Gornergrat after 33 minutes. Here you have the 3100 Kulmhotel where you can stop for dining and take in the panorama views.

Try cheese fondue

When in Zermatt it is a must to try their cheese fondue! We ate cheese fondue everyday at a different restaurant and my first time trying this was in Zermatt. I would advise to pick a beautiful spot, order cheese fondue together with some some warm drinks making it unforgettable. My favorite places to have cheese fondue where at Riffelhaus 1853 hotel with beautiful views and at Iglu Dorf where we had cheese fondue in snow igloos.

Visit Glacier Paradise

At an altitude of 3883 meters above sea level, you will find Glacier Paradise. The trip here alone was already worth it. We took the cable car up to Matterhorn glacier paradise which took around 45 minutes, we had stunning views being so high up. The Glacier Paradise had unique ice sculptures and there is also a restaurant and cinema in this area where you can pass by.

We had an incredible time in Zermatt and I hope I’ve inspired you to visit! Feel free to ask any questions xx


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