The 4th most wished Airbnb in the world – Hideout Bali

The 4th most wished Airbnb in the world – Hideout Bali

Ever since I came to Bali for the first time in 2018 I had been dreaming of visiting Hideout Bali. I fell in love with their first build bamboo villa named Hideout Bali which is located right next to the river and surrounded by nature. Now they have seven different bamboo villas that all look unreal and are unique from each other. Hideout Bali is located in Sidemen which is one of my favorite places in Bali as it isn’t overbuild and does not have many tourists. What I love even more about Hideout is their contributions to the local communities and promoting sustainable developments.

Four years later and I finally get to live my Bali dreams and spend 3 days at Hideout Bali to experience some of their most popular villas.

Hideout Horizon

We started our stay at Hideout Horizon which is one of the most romantic villas at Hideout. We had our own private jacuzzi that looked like a natural pool with stones (my favorite part is that is was heated). We had a kitchen, sitting area, outdoor shower, hanging nets and our bed was high up with a bamboo ramp. The bed was insane and the highlight of our stay at Horizon. The villa is mostly open so at night we could hear the sound of the river and saw fireflies from our bed!!

Hideout Beehive

First feeling I got when I saw Beehive was that it was massive with so much space and areas to relax in! The bamboo villa has a private view on the river, a stunning jacuzzi, 2 bedrooms for 4 people, outdoor bathroom, kitchen, downstairs living room and swing. It’s one of my favorite villas because I couldn’t get over the private jacuzzi with the river view and it’s the perfect place to bring my friends and family in the future. There was even a speaker to play music!

Hideout Bali

Hideout Bali is the first Hideout bamboo villa that was build in 2015. We did not actually stay here as it was fully booked, which completely makes sense.. it’s absolutely beautiful! We were lucky to get the chance to check it out while it was empty for a few hours. The location is right next to the river and it feels super private and intimate. It’s a cute bamboo house with a living room, outdoor bathroom, upstairs sitting area and bedroom. My favorite part of the house are the triangle windows upstairs with a comfy corner to sit and watch the river. Super romantic stay if you’re looking to get away in nature with just the two of you.

We had an incredible stay at Hideout Bali with beautiful nature and the friendliest staff. Their food service was also great, I only had to sent a WhatsApp message to order food and they would bring it all to my room. This was the same for breakfast which was delicious every morning!

I hope to visit again next time I am in Bali and let me know in which villa you would like to stay?


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