I’ve always wanted to visit Greece, when I would see pictures of the Crystal clear waters it reminded me of Aruba. Milos was on top of my list, it had many hidden gems and wasn’t super touristic. The tickets that I found were for mid October which is low season. I wasn’t feeling so sure about what the weather would be like, but we just went for it.

We booked tickets to Athens and found a cheap connecting flight to the tiny island Milos (only 3o min away). While we were landing I still couldn’t believe I was actually going to get to explore Milos!!

We arrived at the smallest airport I have ever seen, we were out in exactly one minute. One thing you should know before going to Milos.. there are not a lot of hotels or places to stay. Book in advance!! We booked a nice place in Adamas called Faros Apartments. They picked us up from the airport and helped us rent a quad 5 minutes within arriving. We had the most beautiful room with a stunning view on Adamas.

There are seven towns in Milos; Adamas, Triovassalos, Pera Triovassalos, Tripiti, Plakes, Plaka, Zefiria and Pollonia. Adamas & Plaka were my favorites, in Adamas there were lots of places to eat (with gorgeous views) and we decided to eat somewhere else every night.

While walking on the dock in Adamas we met Alesandra from Eleni Sailboat Milos. She was super friendly and we decided to book a tour straight away. So our first day we spend on a boat tour discovering some of the hidden beaches only accessible by boat. It was amazing! Definitely recommend taking a boat tour in Milos.

The next day we went off to explore the fisherman towns. The islands traffic was really relaxed and I would say the best way to travel would be by quad, you get to visit places a car wouldn’t be able to drive to.



There were so many cats everywhere, for me it was paradise playing with all of them! The locals leave water and food for them all over the island and its nice that they get to roam freely. Surprisingly they are super tame


After discovering all these beautiful fishing villages we went of to look for some beaches! Which are not hard to find since there are over 70 beaches on Milos.


The water here was insane and we were the only ones on the beach. Normally during the summer there are over 30 people on this tiny beach, we were super lucky we came during low season.

To get to this beach you need to climb down a cliff while holding on to a rope and then go down a ladder. It’s as scary as it sounds, specially because I’m afraid of heights  In the end it was all worth it! If you just go down slow and with more people, you will be fine!


Close to Tsigrado is another beach called Fyriplaka. This beach is known for its red, yellow, pink rocks and lively atmosphere. You can rent a beach hut here and have drinks at the bar.


I’ve seen this beach on so many pictures, but they didn’t do justice to how beautiful it actually looks in real life. It was like walking on the moon, the stones were so smooth to walk on.

There was somewhat of a storm happening in the week that we were at Milos and on this side of the island the water was rough. We couldn’t swim, but didn’t mind since we had the best view and there was no one around

If you look around you will find little caves where you can walk around, it is really dark so we did’t go very far 


When arriving in Milos we received a map of the island, we found it easier to use google maps. So while my boyfriend was driving I was trying to figure out where to go. It took us a while to find Papafragkas, it was hidden between cliffs. One tip would be to look for signs that say danger (haha ops) and then you need to follow a steep path down to the beach. Once again this was scary for me, but totally doable if you go down calmly. We arrived during sunset so we couldn’t really swim, but it was breathtaking to see.

These pictures are totally raw and taken with our phones, when I look back at them they bring so many emotions. Milos had so many things to offer and we had so many beautiful moments where we had locations totally for ourselves. Because it was low season we were some of the only tourist around, most places that are normally packed during summer were completely empty. When talking to the locals they told me the best period to come is in September. The weather is perfect and most of the visitors have already gone back home.


We spend our entire last day on this super long beach, it went on for quite some miles. Fun fact, by this time of the week my feet were super burned and I couldn’t even walk on the sand Just to give you an idea that there is still sun in October.

Kastro – Thalassitra church

Greece is known for its beautiful churches, watching the sunset on the Thalassitra church was the biggest highlight of this trip. Words can’t describe how amazing it was. We rode our quad into the town of Plaka, and we then ran all the way to the church because the sun was already going down. We arrived out of breath haha, and we climbed on top of the church and there we sat for over an hour. Definitely do this when you visit Milos!!

This wraps up our week in Milos, which was enough time to explore most of the island. The locals were super friendly and helped us with everything even when we couldn’t fully understand what they were saying. The food was great and the island was magical. Not to forget everything was cheaper during low season; food, apartments, renting quads and so much more. Milos we will definitely be back!

-x- Jenna




  1. February 12, 2018 / 2:42 pm

    Oh my God! What beautiful places. Everyone goes to Mikonos but you there are so many other gems with less tourism. Hope you had a great time!
    P.s. The photos are amazing. Good job Jenna!

  2. February 12, 2018 / 2:45 pm

    Wow this blogpost is so beautiful Jenn!! I can’t wait to visit Greece some day, I’ll make sure to visit Milos for sure and follow your tips 😍

  3. Shanty de Vries
    February 12, 2018 / 2:48 pm

    Love your new blogpost

  4. steve_0125
    February 13, 2018 / 7:29 am

    These places look like they’re from another planet! Great tip about using a quad to roam around more freely and getting to places other vehicles can’t go! Great article Jenna and thanks for sharing on Instagram!

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