Jungle sleepover at Zen Hideaway Bali

Jungle sleepover at Zen Hideaway Bali

I spent almost a month in Bali in February exploring different parts of the island. I stayed in many luxurious places as well as cheap guest houses. One of the places I was most excited about spending the night at was an Airbnb in the nature. The best part was the private swing I read about, I’ve never been on swing in Bali before but having a private one all to myself seemed like the perfect spot to try.

I advise you to book this Airbnb months in advance as it was almost sold out when I tried to book it for a night. The Airbnb is only 20 minutes away from Ubud center and close to the famous touristy Bali swings. When you arrive at the property one of the staff members will check you in and show you the villa. You can have a total of five people in the villa and everyone gets free breakfast the next morning, you can choose between eggs, pancakes and toast together with some extra options like coffee and fruit.

The interior was beautiful yet really simple. There was an outdoor shower with the prettiest view and simple kitchen if you want to cook yourself. The two beds above had mosquito nets and the swing bed below didn’t. I recommend bringing your own mosquito spray, they didn’t have any at the property.

In the morning we woke up early for sunrise and had the most beautiful misty view with while using the swing. The swing is shared between the 3 villas at the property and is only for guest. If you want to use the swing you can send a Whatsapp to the staff and they will come help you or you can choose to go on your own.

We decided to go on our own and were able to help each other get on. I do admit that this isn’t the safest swing, the harness was far too big to keep you on the swing if you would fall. If you hold on good it wouldn’t be a problem, the drop down isn’t straight but more like a hill. That doesn’t change the fact that I was super scared the first time and for all of you asking.. yes I did scream! After that first time it gets a lot better and we had the best time taking as many turns as we wanted.

You can book the property on Airbnb, it’s called Zen Hideaway and they have 3 different villas. We stayed at Zen Hideaway #3 click here for the link. They also have Zen Hideaway #1 and Zen Hideaway #2. Villa #3 costs around $200 a night, but the price depends on how many people you are staying with. Personally I found it expensive for one night and that’s why it took me a while before I decided to stay here, but it was worth it! I would love to come back here in the future with a group of friends.

What not to forget:

  • Book months in advance
  • Bring your mosquito spray
  • Hold on tight while on the swing
  • Bring games to play at night

Hope you guys get to experience this awesome Airbnb yourselves in the future and let me know if you have any more questions!



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