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Aruba Staycation

I spent the last 4 months back home in Aruba since my education was completely online this year. I absolutely love being back on the island, but after doing my university online these past few months I wanted have a…

Top 10 must do’s in Aruba

Aruba should be on everyone’s bucket list, words can’t describe how beautiful this island is. I’ve lived here my entire life and it still amazes me every time. A lot of times people tend to think that Aruba is only…

My 4 favorite snorkeling spots

If you are planning to come to Aruba, going snorkeling or diving is a must! There are so many beautiful underwater spots to explore. Here are some of my favorites, enjoy! 1: Tres trapi Describe this location in one word? Magical. …

Boardwalk hotel Aruba

What I absolutely LOVE about Aruba, is that there are always new things to explore. Last weekend I stumbled upon this breathtaking, historical gem close to Hadicurari beach. In this post I’ll be giving you a peek into the good life at Boardwalk hotel…

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