Top 10 must do’s in Aruba

Top 10 must do’s in Aruba

When I was young my dad showed me the island through his eyes, he was born and raised in Aruba and he knew all the cool & secret spots. I’ve also spend countless days on my own, discovering and wandering around the island of Aruba looking for new spots or simply enjoying my favorite ones. I love sharing my passion for Aruba with other people so today I will share with you the 10 things you must do in Aruba! Enjoy and let me know which ones you’ve done or want to do 😛

1. Go snorkeling or diving

Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but simply don’t forget to check out what lays under the crystal clear waters of these beaches 😉 There are lots of snorkeling & boat tours on the island, but you can also just rent snorkeling gear and go explore for yourself. Just make sure the locations you visit are safe enough to snorkel. Here is a link to my favorite snorkeling spots on the island.

Mangel Halto


2. Go on a Road trip around the island

Aruba has much diverse scenery (from white beaches to dessert and rough shores and so much more). Rent a quad racer or off-road car and go explore the island! You can for example enter the Arikok National Park  where you can find caves, beaches, wildlife, the natural pool and more. Some of my favorite routes are driving from the Aruba Goldmine to the Lighthouse or the other way around. Also driving to the Colony , where you can find Seroe Colorado and some amazing beaches such as; Baby beach, Rodger’s beach (also known as Coco beach) and right before you enter the Colony you can find Grapefield beach.

Baby Beach

*TIP: Bring some carrots on your way to the Colony, you might spot a group of donkeys walking around. They will definitely come say hi and look for a snack in your car ?

Mangel Halto


3. Visit Renaissance island (Flamingo island)

This is a really unique experience, you get to see a group of beautiful flamingo’s walk around on the beach. I always make sure that when an activity involves animals, they are healthy and happy where they are. These flamingo’s are totally living the life and get to do what they want on the island, they have a better life than me ? The island is only reachable by boat and is free for hotel quest of the Renaissance hotel, you can also buy a day pass for $100. Click here for more information about Renaissance island!

*TIP: bring quarters so you can buy flamingo food and have them eating from the palm of your hand 😀

Towel by The Beach People

My sister resting in a Private cabana

4. Eat at Eduardo’s Beach Shack

Eduardo’s Beach Shack is known for their delicious fruit smoothies and fruit bowls, these make the perfect breakfast! The fruit shack is a cute hut located in Palm Beach, behind the Playa Linda Hotel. I got to try an Acai & Pitaya bowl with my sister and other than them being super healthy it was totally delicious too! I definitely recommend visiting Eduardo’s Beach Shack if you’re looking for a healthy snack or simply if you want to snap that perfect Acai bowl picture 😛


5. Swim in the Natural Pool

Picture by Johnathan Baena

Aruba’s Natural Pool is located in Arikok Park and is only reachable if you have an off-road car. The water here looks magical and its the perfect place to cool down after a long day in the sun 🙂 Natural Pool should be on top of everyone’s list when coming to Aruba! it’s a unique experience and totally worth the bumpy ride 😛

Mini pool at natural pool (only safe when the waves aren’t big)

*TIP: when visiting Aruba’s Natural Pool go early in the morning or after 4 pm, if not you will find your self swimming with 40-70 other people and this feels super crowded.

6. Visit the Butterfly Farm

I’m pretty sure everyone sees butterflies from time to time, but this is nothing like that. I’ve never seen so many different type of butterflies flying around. During my first visit I got a small tour, they gave me information on the different species butterflies and moths. I was so fascinated, we saw a huge moth and learned that it stays in his cocoon for a couple of months and only lives for a few days!

At the Butterfly Farm you can see the 3 different phases of butterflies, from caterpillars to cocoons (Pupa) to butterflies. Even if you’re not a huge fan of butterflies I still recommend this! You don’t get to see this anywhere else and it’s definitely educational for children 🙂

The Cocoon house

Close up of the Cocoon house

In this picture above you can see that each butterfly species has a different type of cocoon.


7. Explore the Caves

The Quadirikiri Cave

In the Arikok Park you can find two beautiful caves that are open for visitors.  The Fontein Cave has Brownish-red pictographs on the walls that were left by a small branch of Arawak Indians, known as Caquetios, they inhabited the island around 1000 AD. The drawings on the wall are very protected and therefore there are park rangers in this cave. Advantage: They can probably tell you about the history of this cave, disadvantage: this cave gets locked around 4 pm.

The Guadirikiri Cave features two large chambers with roof openings that allow sunlight inside. In the caves you can also see bats fly by, but they are totally harmless so don’t be afraid 😛 This cave has no park rangers and is open till late.

One of the large chambers in the Guadirikiri Cave

*TIP: in the beginning of this cave it’s quite dark, use your phone flashlight to make sure you don’t fall over something 🙂

You can explore the location around the caves too, you never know what hidden treasures you might find!

8. Have a picnic on the beach

Picnic with my sister on Rodgers Beach

One of my favorite things to do is buy some snacks or simple food at the supermarket and have a picnic on the beach. Around dinner time most beaches are quite and empty, It’s also the perfect place to watch the sunset while you eat.  My top beaches for picnics are; Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach and Rodgers Beach 🙂

Towel by The Beach People

9. Eat at Zeerovers

Zeerovers is a fish restaurant located in Savaneta that is known for its super fresh seafood and beautiful location right on the sea. It’s a local favorite, because of the atmosphere and the fact that you can’t get fresher fish anywhere else.

You order at the entrance, where there is a choice of fresh fish of the day, shrimp, side dishes like fries, baked banana, funchi and more. Afterwards you can choose your table, if you’re lucky you can get a table on the water 😀

Picture by Charles

Zeerovers is definitely worth the 30 min ride from the hotels area and if you come at the right time you can watch the sunset while you eat 😀

*TIP: they only accept cash!


10. Do absolutely nothing!

Mangel Halto

You’re on vacation on one of the most beautiful islands after all, get a drink, lay back and relax!

Hope you guys like this blog post and let me know if you want a part 2 😛 There are so many more things you can do on Aruba!

Thanks Key van Thull & Fella Blue for helping me with all my pictures ♥

-x- Jenna




  1. Dolores.

    17 May

    Wat een geweldige blog heb je gemaakt en wat een prachtige foto’s. Ik heb zelfs een foto gezien waar wij nog niet geweest zijn,de steven trap bij de cave;s,ik zal je vader eens vragen of hij ons die plek eens wijst.

    XXX Dolores.

  2. Shanty

    17 May

    Love your blog keep it up!!

  3. Jeff

    18 May

    Thanks for the info and great photos. A part 2 would be awesome.

  4. Coleen Casey

    18 May

    I would love a part 2 since I will be in Aruba the last week in June.

    • Christopher Maduro

      19 May

      You can always talk to the locals, like me!!
      Sure, some know more spots then others but most of us are friendly and always willing to help.

      Check out her snorkeling spots, her blog has a lot.

      P.S: Locals who are either related to a taxi driver or are one know even more, i should know my dad is one 😉

  5. Kat

    18 May

    Great info!!! Bring on Part 2!!

  6. Suzanne johnson

    18 May

    I would love to see part 2

  7. Shelley Sharpen

    18 May

    Aruba is a beautiful, friendly happy Island. I absolutely <3 Aruba!!

  8. Fella B

    18 May

    Wow i’m inlove! Will there be any more travel blogs soon? I love your travel blogs.

  9. JW

    18 May

    Love it! Thanks! A part 2 would be great. We are headed back again in November. Been to mist of the typical tourist spots. Would love to know more about the hidden treasures the locals like.

  10. Peter

    19 May

    Don’t forget to mention El Gaucho restaurant……. for the best steaks on the island ?

  11. Annette

    19 May

    The natural pool is wonderful..the water is therapeutic..I love Aruba..been there 5 times. Its my favorite island!

  12. Nancy

    20 May

    Where do you stay when visiting ??

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