Cheesecake & cat cuddles at Pebbles Kitty Cat Café

I have many cats back home in Aruba, but now that I am studying abroad I don’t really get to pet any cats at all 🙁 That’s why this weekend I went to visit the first cat café in Rotterdam, Pebbles Kitty Cat Café. Pebbles was started by Freddy, she has had cats her whole life and has a really big heart for them. This is also the reason why all the eight cats in the cat cafe are adopted from a local shelter. Pebbles Kitty Cat Cafe wants to encourage everyone who wants to adopt a cat, to adopt a cat from a local shelter (I completely agree!!). Almost all the cats that I own, I found on the streets or adopted from the Aruba animal shelter. 

Some info about the cat café:

At Pebbles you can enjoy the company of loving cats while treating yourself to some coffee and cake. There is an entree fee of € 3,50 sort of like a cat-tax to make sure the cats are well taken care of and are provided with all the essentials that they need. At Pebbles there is no limited time, you can stay as long as you want 😀  They are open from Wednesday till Sunday, from 12 pm till 6 pm except on Sunday when its open till 5 pm. TIP: I would recommend making a reservation online before going, the place can get quite crowded and they might not have any place left.

Hope my pictures give you an impression what its like in Pebbles, enjoy!

PS. Have you guys ever been to a cat café before? let me know in the comments 

Love Jenna

Love the interior design

Shelly trying to steal my hot chocolate
The cats thought my coat was a secret cave

Roffa wondering when I’ll give her some of my food
My cats would be so jealous of this cat bed









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